Year in review: top stories of 2011

January 11, 2012

People, Practice


The following posts received the most views in 2011. Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing your ideas. We’re excited to deliver a new lineup of stories, tips and updates in 2012.

Major Investments Announced in 11 Research Infrastructure Projects

U of MN

$12 million in funds derived from the university’s share of technology commercialization royalties will be invested to enhance key infrastructure in support of research and scholarship at the University of Minnesota. Read more

Register now for Write Winning Grants

Write Winning Grants May 19, 2011

One of the most popular grant writing courses available on campus, this seminar comprehensively addresses both practical and conceptual aspects that are important to the proposal-writing process. Read more

John Watkins: Distinguished McKnight University Professor

John Watkins

“Stop thinking about land masses and start thinking about waterways,” declares English professor John Watkins. “The world changes drastically. And you get a very different kind of literary history.” Read more

Marc Hillmyer: Distinguished McKnight University Professor

Marc Hillmyer

Marc Hillmyer’s office is a spare, bright green island on the second floor of Smith Hall. In the hallway outside his door, students and researchers in chemistry, chemical engineering, and materials science generate a low buzz of conversation as they wait. Read more

Elizabeth Amin: MSI Fellow


Deep in a basement under a Twin Cities campus library, Elmo, Itasca and Blade are at work. They’re running high-level quantum calculations in the war against anthrax and other biological and chemical weapons, commanded by Elizabeth Amin. Read more

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