Announcing the new McKnight Land-Grant Professors

January 30, 2012

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The Office of the Vice President for Research is pleased to announce the 2012 recipients of the McKnight Land-Grant Professorships. As always, the ideas and work of this year’s recipients vary widely — from integrated urban planning and mineral magnetism to interactive visual computing.

Through this program, the University of Minnesota recognizes and rewards its most promising junior faculty. Recipients are honored with the title McKnight Land-Grant Professor, which they hold for two years. The award consists of a research grant in each of two years and a research leave in the second year (or a supplementary grant).

Winners are selected based on the significance of their research and how clearly it is conveyed; the originality and imagination behind their achievements; the potential to attract outstanding students; and other key criteria.

The winners for 2012-14 are:

Yingling Fan
Transforming the Built Environment for Health and Equity: Integrated Socio-Spatial Planning

Joshua Feinberg
Mineral Magnetism: Applications to Geology, Archaeology and Mineral Physics

Melissa Gardner
Minuscule Forces with Major Consequences: Unraveling the Forces that Mediate Cell Division

Jason Hill
Sustainable Energy and Agriculture: Life Cycle Perspectives for Informed Decision Making

Daniel Keefe
Working in Virtual Spaces: Interactive Visual Computing for Data Visualization and Creative Design

Dominique Tobbell
Delivering Care, Governing Health: Academic Health Centers and the States since 1960

The recipients will be recognized by the Board of Regents at its March meeting.

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