Streamlining the IRB process

April 9, 2012

Process, U of M policies

The University of Minnesota’s Institutional Review Board is engaging in collaborative agreements with other institutions to streamline reviews and avoid duplication.

Researchers interested in arranging cooperative review agreements should contact the IRB office to determine if an agreement is already in place with a particular institution, or if a protocol-specific agreement can be established.

The university can cede review to another IRB when the other institution’s program is accredited by the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP). Formal collaborative agreements are being negotiated with several partner institutions already accredited.

A local IRB application covering institution-specific matters is still required, though the ceded review process does alleviate some application burden for U of M researchers. The abbreviated application is all that is required for local submission when review is ceded to a partner institution.

Local review requirements include specific details on billing, drug dispensing and conflict of interest disclosures. The U of M’s IRB must determine that these requirements have been met prior to initiation of a project reviewed by a partner IRB.

Get more information about the process by contacting the IRB office at 612-626-5654 or

Post by Eric Vegoe, info tech professional with the U of M’s Human Research Protection Program

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