Research Education and Oversight: change is good

July 6, 2012

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The University of Minnesota’s Research Integrity and Oversight Program (RIOP) has a new name: As of July 2012, the program’s name is Research Education and Oversight (REO) — and with this change comes an all-new website.

Housed under the Office of the Vice President for Research, the program reorganized in 2009 with the mission of more broadly and cohesively providing independent oversight and monitoring of research compliance activities at the U of M.

While the original mission hasn’t changed, the new name better reflects the program’s scope of work:

Education: One of REO’s key functions is to manage workshops and continuing education focused on responsible conduct of research (RCR). The educational function also encompasses the requirements of the Certified Approver program.

Oversight: The program staff provides expertise in the analysis, reporting, management and resolution of compliance issues. The scope of REO’s responsibilities includes financial oversight of sponsored expenditures, processes related to the use of humans and animals in research, and the controlled substances program.

The new REO website streamlines the former site into a more intuitive, user-friendly format — organizing the content by functions, rather than office names, and reducing the page count from roughly 270 to less than 20. The offices of Oversight, Analysis and Reporting (OAR) and Fostering Integrity in Research, Scholarship and Teaching (FIRST) are now integrated in the site.

Visit the new website

Change can be good, and we’re rolling with it.


Post by Sarah Waldemar, REO director

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2 Comments on “Research Education and Oversight: change is good”

  1. Shelley Pulkrabek Says:

    How do I now access the RCR and continuing education records of the PI’s for grant renewal purposes?


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