Recent patents roundup: part 2


The road from research to commercialization can be a long one — and obtaining a patent on intellectual property is a key milestone along the way. Congratulations to University of Minnesota faculty and their colleagues who were issued patents this quarter.

If you missed it, see our recent patents roundup: part 1.

Use of Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells to Treat Ischemic Event
Inventors: Walter Low, Jing Xiao, Zhenhong Nan

Thermochemical Ablation of Bodily Tissue
Inventor: Erik Cressman

Volumetrically Illustrating a Structure
Inventors: Toby Markowitz, Brian Houston Craig, Chad Giese

Identifying a Structure for Cannulation
Inventors: Toby Markowitz, Brent Chelgren, Noelle Christine Hurtig, Marie Smith, Phillip Falkner, Lane Phillips

Pulse Width Modulated Fluidic Valve
Inventors: Perry Li, Thomas Chase

Carbon Dioxide-Based Geothermal Energy Generation Systems and Methods Related Thereto
Inventors: Martin Saar, Jimmy Bryan Randolph, Thomas Kuehn

System and Method that Dissipate Heat from an Electronic Device
Inventors: Yuandong Gu, Martin Kristoffersen, Francis Kulacki, Brian Krafthefer

Reactive Flash Volatilization of Fluid Fuels
Inventor: Lanny Schmidt

Traffic Flow Monitoring for Intersections with Signal Controls
Inventors: Xianghong Liu, Xinkai Wu

Click here for more information on reporting an invention or contact the Office for Technology Commercialization at 612.624.0550 or

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