MSI offers new resources to researchers

March 12, 2013


ComputerThe Minnesota Supercomputing Institute is on the move, making improvements to its facilities and services to better meet the needs of researchers in growing fields. MSI has installed a new high-speed, high-capacity storage system that more than doubles the capacity of MSI’s previous storage offering. The system eliminates the need to transfer data between MSI systems while it meets the challenging requirements of users with large data sets.

MSI has also expanded its flagship Itasca system and is growing its offerings in heterogeneous computing. MSI will expand and enhance Cascade, its GPU cluster, in March and April 2013 to better meet the growing needs of users utilizing GPU computing. The cluster will add the latest innovative technology from NVIDIA and Intel.

In addition, MSI is offering an ever-expanding array of consulting services that includes application development, informatics support, and other types of user support. MSI consultants, in addition to being high performance computing experts, are knowledgeable and skilled in a variety of academic disciplines. Finally, there are a large number of open access software applications that customers can use on MSI’s resources.

Working with business

In light of its recent expansion, MSI’s portfolio of business customers continues to grow. SheerWind, maker of wind-generated energy equipment; Syntiron, developer of vaccine technology; and Third Wave Systems, a computer-aided engineering provider for machining companies, have collaborated with MSI to better their business.

Rates for MSI services are very reasonable, with a cpu hour costing $.10, consulting ranging from $134 to $188/hour, and data storage priced at $1,400/terabyte/year. Moreover, customer contracts can be drawn up in a matter of days and the initial contract, whatever the services specified in it, can be used for the purchase of any or all MSI services ongoing.

For more information on MSI, send an email to or contact Bill Hellriegel at or 612-624-1356.

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