Recent patents roundup


The road from research to commercialization can be a long one — and obtaining a patent on intellectual property is a key milestone along the way.

Here’s our hat tip to University of Minnesota faculty and their colleagues who were recently issued patents for their IP.

Agglomerated Stover for Use as a Liquid Absorbent
Inventors: Tim Hagen

Coil Element Decoupling for MRI
Inventors: Tommy Vaughan, Jinfeng Tian

Deionization and Desalination Using Electrostatic Ion Pumping
Inventors: Edward Cussler

Differentiation of Non-Embryonic Stem Cells to Cells Having a Pancreatic Phenotype
Inventors: Catherine Verfaillie, Yves Heremans, Miguel A. Barajas Velez

Disease Treatment Simulation
Inventors: Paul Johnson, George Blitz

Identifying Virally Infected and Vaccinated Organisms
Inventors: Michael Murtaugh, Craig Johnson

Lipase-containing Polymeric Coatings for the Facilitated Removal of Fingerprints
Inventors: Ping Wang

Method and System for Producing Metallic Iron Nuggets
Inventors: Iwao Iwasaki, Andrew Lindgren, Richard Kiesel

Modified Vitamin K-dependent Polypeptides (Patent no. 8415457)
Inventors: Gary Nelsestuen

Modified Vitamin K-dependent Polypeptides (Patent no. 8415458)
Inventors: Gary Nelsestuen

Nano-structured Polymer Composites and Process for Preparing Same
Inventors: Marc Hillmyer, Liang Chen

Nucleosides with Antiviral and Anticancer Activity
Inventors: Carston Wagner

Open Accumulator for Compact Liquid Power Energy Storage
Inventors: Perry Li

Soft Switching Power Electronic Transformer
Inventors: Ned Mohan, Ranjan Gupta, Krushna Mohapatra, Gysler Castelino, Kaushik Basu, Nathan Weise

Streptococcal C5a Peptidase Vaccine
Inventors: Paul Cleary, Annaliesa Anderson, Ingrid Dodge, Michael Hagen, Stephen Olmsted, Eduardo Rojas, Guyanand Singh, Deborah  Stafslien

Systems and Methods for Analyzing a Particulate
Inventors: Friedrich Srienc

TAL Effector-mediated DNA Modification (Patent no. 8440431)
Inventors: Daniel Voytas

TAL Effector-mediated DNA Modification (Patent no. 8440432)
Inventors: Daniel Voytas

TAL Effector-mediated DNA Modification (Patent no. 8450471)
Inventors: Daniel Voytas

Treatment and Placement Device for Sinusitis Applications
Inventors: 2009 MDC Fellows: Benjamin Arcand, Joseph E. Hale, Nikhil Murdeshwar, Bryan Rolfes

Therapeutic Compounds
Inventors: Chengguo Xing, Jignesh Doshi

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